More Trade Show Tips

It’s that time of year again…no, not holiday shopping time (although that’s just around the corner). It's trade show time, and our events coordinator, Andy Benkert, returned recently from the EAPA convention in Nashville, Tennessee. He was there to help one of our clients with their trade show logistics, and in between set up and tear down, he had a chance to do a little walking and talking with others at the event. Here are a few of his observations about effective trade show marketing to go with those mentioned in previous posts:

Pre-show marketing

This proved to be a show-saver for our company. The exhibit staff obtained the pre-show attendee list and actually used it! Imagine that?!? And, it worked! They were able to set up plenty of meetings with not only prospects, but current clients as well. Pre-show marketing efforts pay off in a couple of ways:

Our client worked with the event organizer to develop a custom sponsorship not originally offered as part of their sponsorship program (which HRmarketer did as well, at the HR Technology show). This allowed for an opportunity to fit something within their budget while providing additional exposure. Don't hesitate to ask, the worst they can say is "No", and often an event organizer is loathe to say no to money! Be creative and think of possibilities that fit your company, your products, and the particular event. Brainstorm a few ideas and call the sponsorship contact for the event and see if they are open to new ideas. If one isn't, maybe another will be.

Booth Location

This is one I'm sure most think about each time the contract is being filled out, but often isn't really thought out. Take a few minutes to really look at the expo floor layout and identify a few things:
Attend seminars

A number of the exhibitors Andy spoke with took time away from their booth to attend a few of the seminars. Most exhibit booths or sponsorships include a full registration for the conference for one of the exhibit staff. Take advantage of that and sit in on some of the seminars. It is a great way to hear what is going on, meet people, and hear what is important to them. There were numerous occasions where he spoke with exhibitors just out of a seminar mention they scheduled a meeting with a prospect at the seminar. One even walked up to the booth with prospect in tow!

Here are a few additional observations from the perspective of one who deals with the logistics and set up of booths: