More Evidence on the Importance of Online Visibility

A recent blog posting on the Online Marketing Blog revealed that Yahoo News is now more popular than CNN or MSNBC when measured by unique visitors to their web site. It goes on to say how this presents a "tremendous opportunity for online marketers to gain visibility with [buyers] as well as those members of the media that research news stories, subject matter experts and press releases online".

Readers of the HRmarketer Blog know we continue to stress the importance of Marketing PR tactics as a way to increase online publicity, drive traffic a web site, and generate sales leads - the The New Metrics of PR Measurement. And as our latest white paper on HR Buyers' Behavior discusses, buyers of human resource products and services are increasingly turning to the Internet when researching new suppliers.

As HR suppliers begin to plan their 2007 marketing and PR activities, we recommend that a significant percentage of the budget is allocated to those activities that increase online publicity (print is still important but online is better) which is the basis for site traffic, better SEO and ultimately, more sales leads.