Mixin’ Marketing PR with the Top Lead Generation Tactics

Last month Marketing Sherpa released findings of a Technology Marketing surveythat included the top 5 lead generation tactics for technology services, hardware and software firms. Overall, the top 5 lead generation tactics were:
How apropos that these all fit neatly into Marketing PR, a marketing tactic we helped pioneer for the HR marketplace. HR suppliers that send out marketing releases via a wire service (like our Direct2Net service) to promote their free trial demos, webinars, white papers, blogs and podcasts are more likely to increase their website traffic, SEO and generate more sales leads than those that don’t.

For example, Leade Health, a health and wellness firm, had an SEO ranking on Google that was approximately 188 last March. Their goal was being in the top 10. Today they are holding steady at number 7 with an occasional ranking as high as #2! With every “marketing” press release and white paper that they release, they continue to build the unique visitor traffic to their website and fill their pipeline with prospective clients. Furthermore, marketing press releases sent via our service have resulted in over 400 downloads of their whitepapers during a three-month period. Plus, they’ve also secured a number of key media placements.

Generate those leads and have a great holiday weekend!