Marketing PR Is in the House

Kudos to our very own Elrond Lawrence, Vice President of Media Relations at! He recently bylined an article titled The Rise of Marketing PR for Penton Media's B2B Marketing Trends publication. Elrond was invited to write an article on "Marketing PR", a marketing concept helped pioneer that assists companies in getting increased publicity, better SEO and website traffic, and more sales leads by taking their message directly to the buyer. Simply put, Marketing PR works and it's starting to catch on. Many members are already using it quite effectively, but what shocks us is how few HR suppliers have adapted to Marketing PR, or as our head of marketing likes to say, "Marketing and PR 2.0". Many suppliers (and their PR firms) continue to spend thousands of dollars on traditional PR as if it were 1993 (before World Wide Web). Yet, most companies can implement a Marketing PR plan for under $500 per month and achieve greater "measurable" value than what a traditional PR firm would charge $4K+ for each month. Check out Elrond's article on Marketing PR.