Blogging for Business

So yesterday morning I read in the San Jose Mercury News about a pigeon blog – a flock of pigeons, outfitted with designer cell phone backpacks, will collect pollution data and continually relay it to the pigeon blog site.

Wow. I think. (Although it is a cool art-in-a-social-activism-context thing.)

The point is that blogs are everywhere online and continue to multiply exponentially (some estimates put them at over 50 million by year’s end). They’re in every Internet nook and cranny representing every facet of personal and business life (and the art-in-a-social-activism context), written by CEOs, VPs and managers, marketers, working stiffs, scientists, educators, poets, priests, politicians, crazy people, anonymous sometimes crazy people, angst-ridden teenagers (and adults) – the list is endless.

But can blogs really help market your organization while providing some kind of valuable content to your readership? Yes, of course they can, and they do, and we’ll revisit our recommended blog guidelines from a previous post entitled Blogging for Apples.

However, let’s first let’s look at some of John Sumser’s recent comments on blogging (most of which we agree with). Last week John (of Interbiznet fame) wrote about blogs and blogging, particularly recruiting blogs and the mechanics and diversity therein.

John really hit on some points I felt are applicable to the broader HR and employee benefits supplier blogging space:
John’s blog comments are a great complement to our own recommendations. Here are our updated guidelines for a balanced business blog that are sure to increase your visibility and generate leads:
Good luck! We’ll update our recommended short list of HR and HR-related blogs soon and post it (we’re now tracking all the major HR blogs for our HRmarketer members).