Bad SEO, Bad

With all this talk about Marketing PR and SEO, it’s important to note how legitimate and “squeaky clean” you need to be keeping your Internet marketing and search engine optimization activities. If you practice “bad” SEO, then spamming and other underhanded SEO tactics will get you in trouble sooner than later, even banned from Internet search engines. published a very informative article last week entitled Beware of Black Hat SEO by Stephan Spencer. In the article Spencer recounts that “not even the largest corporations spending big dollars on Google AdWords are immune. For example, BMW recently had its entire site banned from Google for a period of time because it created "doorway pages"—pages full of keyword-rich copy created solely for the search engine spiders and never for human viewing. To add insult to injury, BMW was publicly outed by Google engineer Matt Cutts on his blog. He made an example of BMW, and all of the SEO community became aware of the carmaker's indiscretions.”

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And if you can't say with absolutely certainty that you're squeaky clean in your tactics, then you'd better study the following list of “black hat tactics” to avoid recommended by Spencer: