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Our latest HRintelligence eNewsletterhas been distributed and it is chock full of industry intelligence, commentary and analysis for HR suppliers.

This month we continue to rate the HR industry health as "Great." There continues to be a lot of M&A activity (a summary of some recent deals is presented below), positive earnings from publicly traded HR suppliers (see below) and quite a few new suppliers entering or expanding into the HR space. Shares of staffing companies surged in April and helped raise the tide of the entire HR services marketplace after several firms reported better than expected first-quarter net earnings. The continued improvement in the labor market should continue to reflect favorably on HR staffing and services firms. The Yankee Group recently announced that the worldwide talent management market is experiencing exponential growth and will reach more than $4 billion in revenue by 2009. The Yankee Group announcement also stated that many leading vendors experienced growth rates of 50% to 100% in 2005, with some vendors adding more than 100 new clients. Yankee Group reported that several factors are fueling the growth of the talent management market including increased focus on retaining talent, continued convergence of organizational expertise, renewed focus on acquiring and managing talent, and the mobilization of the global workforce. By the way, Yankee Group's leading human capital analyst, Jason Corsello, has a great Blog entitled The Human Capitalist - check it out.

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