Trends in HR Marketing: Annual Findings

We’ve released a new (and free) research report, revealing best practices in marketing and selling to human resource decision makers and employee benefit brokers.

The report, entitled “Trends in HR Marketing: Annual Findings” is the first in a 4-part series. Download the report for free.

Human Resources suppliers are spending up to 10 percent of their annual revenue on marketing efforts, but that outreach is rooted in traditional activities that fail to deliver the sales leads that executives seek. That’s a key finding of the research we did. Other key findings:
The "Trends in HR Marketing" series will be released quarterly and include such topics as Marketing and PR Activities, Online Advertising and Budgeting. To get on the mailing list to receive these free reports, visit us online to sign up.

Also, listen to our new podcast interview with HRmarketer's founder and president, Mark Willaman, about the report.