A Quick Note About Bad News (That Could Be Good For You)

This week in eMarketer an article entitled More News Is Bad News discussed the fact that although there are more media outlets available today than ever before – including newspapers, magazines, television broadcast and cable channels, radio, podcasts, online and blogs – they are covering fewer stories, and covering them less well.

This is bad news for print publications, journalists and news purists who feel that print media is on the decline and that “real” news is dying a slow and horrible death.

However, for many vendors in the HR and benefits marketplace looking to further proliferate marketing news about their products and services, there are more HR-related media outlet options available (like eNewsletters and online news portals) willing to publish promotional news releases and articles more frequently.

And because readership continues to fragment and the struggle for advertising dollars becomes more intense (and as the article states, “Good journalism is dependent on money”), marketing PR will continue to pave the way for increased online lead generation.