IMN Shows Five Ways Subject Lines Can Improve Your Open Rates

Good article today from IMN (IMakeNews, Inc.) titled "Five Ways Subject Lines Can Improve Your Open Rates".

We like this article because Subject Lines are such an important part of a marketing campaign. Think of all the marketing activities a company delivers via email:

- press releases
- eNewsletters
- invitations to events
- email advertisements
- new research reports
- white paper downloads, etc.

Yet, few marketing and public relations professionals spend much time on developing, let alone measuring, the Subject Line. It's not uncommon for a PR professional to spend 8+ hours writing a press release, and then take 5 seconds to cut and paste the release headline into the Subject Line. Or, spend weeks writing a white paper and then give no thought to the Subject Line in the email that is sent out announcing the new white paper.

At, we see thousands of press releases and other email announcements sent through our system and there is no doubt that emails with great Subject Lines experience a greater open rate. We've witnessed this ourselves by testing different Subject Lines in emails we send announcing our free marketing white papers and research reports. It's fascinating.

Many of IMN's points (summary below, but visit their site for details) have been written about in this blog but IMN also includes some recommendations we've never seen such as including your company name (I'm not sure this is always smart) and including a number (interesting).

1. Lead with your company name.
2. Keep your Subject line short.
3. Highlight the relevancy.
4. Include a number.
5. Test what works best.