HR Marketplace Remains Great

Our latest HRintelligence eNewsletter has been distributed and it is chock full of industry intelligence, commentary and analysis for HR suppliers.

Rating the overall health of the human resource marketplace is difficult given the diversity and vastness of the space. For example, a rising tide in the insurance or worksite marketing space does not necessarily translate into equal success in the HR software, recruitment, training or payroll sectors. The earnings announcements below are taken from a sample of HR companies across all aspects of HR and present a broad overview of how the space is doing. We believe the health of the HR marketplace remains "Great" as employment is rising, corporate spending is increasing, technology and cost barriers continue to fall, and global markets are expanding - and it’s becoming easier for small and mid-size companies to penetrate. It's a good time to be doing business in the human capital industry. And because our own business relies on selling marketing and PR services to HR suppliers across all aspects of the human capital marketplace, we usually have our finger on the pulse of the space - and our business has never been better. So, this month we continue to rate the health as "Great".
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