Research (Free) Tracks Best Practices in Marketing to HR Decision Makers

Where do HR suppliers spend their marketing and PR dollars? Which marketing activities have the greatest impact in generating leads? What percent of revenue do most HR vendors spend on marketing and public relations? How many trade shows does the average HR supplier attend and exhibit at? To what extent will HR suppliers invest in or increase the amount they spend on Pay-Per-Click advertising and SEO in 2006? Will expenditures on online marketing activities take money away from more traditional marketing and PR activities like print advertising and exhibiting at trade shows?

These questions and more will be addressed in Trends in HR Marketing, a series of reports, sponsored by HRmarketer, which debuts in February 2006. Each installment will include results from surveys sent to over 5,000 HR suppliers, as well as analysis from’s experts on marketing and media visibility - experts who have regular contact with marketing and PR contacts at over 300 HR suppliers.

The "Trends in HR Marketing" series will be released quarterly in 2006 and include such topics as:

- Q1: Trends in HR Marketing: Annual Findings
- Q2: Trends in HR Marketing: Marketing and PR Activities
- Q3: Trends in HR Marketing: Online Advertising
- Q4: Trends in HR Marketing: Budgeting

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