Customer Marketing

Last month most of you probably sent your customers holiday card, or e-cards, or small gifts, or gift certificates, or an assortment of other “thank you” gifts. Or maybe your management team personally called each customer, or you had your call center contact them if you’re a larger company.

That’s fantastic, and I’m sure we don’t need to reiterate how important it is to thank your customers and acknowledge how important they are to your business. After all, when it comes to word-of-mouth marketing and evangelizing your products and services, your customers are the most important marketers you have, and thanking them throughout the year, and not just during the holidays, is vital. (Oh, and it helps if you provide solid products and/or services, too.)

But are you doing enough? Upsell opportunities to current “satisfied” customers can be very lucrative to your bottom line with a much high ROI than acquiring new customers.

Here are a few tips to enhance your customer marketing: