HR Blogs Galore Revisited!

Back in May we listed a number of quality of HR and HR-related blogs full of rich commentary and insight about the human capital industry. We thought it was time to update that list and share some new ones with you and the good ol' folks who are still blogging along. Please note that this is but a sampling of what's out there, so if we’ve left any out you feel should be in this list, by all means let us know!

And Talentism: Talent at the center of business and technology

The Future of Work Weblog

Four Groups

HR Blog


HR’s brand new experience

HR Technology Discussion Board

H.R. eSources


HRLori: Attempting to Unravel the Complex World of California Human Resources

Work-Related Blogs and News

Hank and Rusty: The Force of Q-Talent

Cheesman's Online Recruitment Blog