A Very Good Q1 for the HR Industry - And Some New Dividends!

HRmarketer.com publishes a monthly eNewsletter called HRintelligence that tracks data on the industry's top advertisers, who's receiving the most media coverage and the health of the industry. The current issue, which will be emailed to subscribers this week, upgraded the industry's health from Good to Great. While only members of HRmarketer.com with access rights to the HRintelligence database can see the really cool stuff, the monthly eNewsletter is free and you can subscribe to it by visiting any of the sites above.

The "Great" health rating HRmarketer.com researchers assigned to the human capital industry in May is an unscientific measure of the human capital industry's health based on the aggregate number of advertising placements across the major HR trade publications, new investment money flowing into the space, IPOs, M&As, closures, etc. It also factors in earnings announcements from the major publicly held pure-play HR and other HR service providers.

Although every sector in HR performed quite well, the most encouraging news comes from recruitment and staffing and payroll processing firms. Here is a summary of Q1 2005 earnings news from publicly held HR companies:

Not all news was great.

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