Educate and Evangelize

Sorry that we haven’t been around for a couple of weeks, but we’re getting ready to launch some great new features at, one of which is called HRintelligence.

HRintelligence tracks media and advertising placements in the major industry trade publications for all HR service providers, helping vendors monitor competitive information and track their own media and advertising placements.

Like most companies developing new products and services, we worried a little about how many early adopters we’d have.

We’re confident now that many of our current customers and prospects will embrace HRintelligence. Why? Because months ago we started educating them to what we were developing, soliciting their feedback (they are the ones who will be using it), and getting them to evangelize the coming service before we even go live.

I could go on, but I can hear our developers calling us (or cursing us depending on your vantage point) to review the finishing touches of HRintelligence.

When you have a chance, read this great case study from about educating and evangelizing your customers and prospects to your new products and services – APC's Client Site Tour Program: Software Marketing Campaign Mixes Evangelism & Education.

Although we didn’t hold a formal event to educate prospects about our new service like this case study recommends, we still did our due diligence to ensure interest and future sales.