At-Work and At-Home Email Campaigns

Like many of you in the HR space, we cooled our marketing jets for awhile when it came to email. There’s too much of it, there’s too much garbage, and there’s too much opt-in regulation with the CAN-SPAM act.

Plus, is email marketing even as effective as it used to be?

Well, we think so, and we’re giving email marketing another chance with a fantastic service called Constant Contact. It’s easy to use and you get a free 60-day trial. Check it out.

We also just read an interesting email marketing case study from MarketingSherpa entitled Double Campaign Results by Sending Emails to At-Work & At-Home Email Addresses on Different Days.

My immediate thoughts were, “Why would I email a prospect at home on the weekend? It’ll just get caught in their spam filters anyway, or they’ll delete it immediately?”

Maybe so, but the case study tells a different story. It touts doubling email open, click, and conversion rates, just by separating email at-work and at-home campaigns – email at-work emails during the work week and email at-home emails during

I think I smell a direct email marketing experiment brewing.

Nope, just burning coffee – but we’ll give it a go nonetheless!