Know Your Space To Have A Profitable Place (In It)

With all the global flux, fragmentation, and consolidation in the human capital marketplace today, it’s vital that HR vendors understand their specific space, channel, niche, vertical, target market – whatever you call it, you’d better know it. Otherwise, selling your Aunt Ruthie’s homemade fragrant flower soaps at the flea market will be an uncomfortable but likely career transition.

Okay, that may be a stretch, but how easily can you answer the following questions:
Granted, most of us don’t have the time to research all of these facets (and then comprehend and analyze and put to use in our marketing and PR campaigns) – but we should be making time – at least some time – to be a successful vendor of choice. Whether you do it all yourself, have staff that can assist you, use a marketing or PR firm, or use a online marketing and PR service such as (shameless plug – our service answers all the above questions and more), you must know your space to have a profitable place!

Repeat after me: I must know my space to have a profitable place!

Here are some of our recommendations:
Repeat after me: I do not want to sell fragrant flower soaps at the flea market…