Don't Just Show - Sell!

Over 800 HR service providers marketed their wares at the big annual SHRM Conference and Exposition last week in New Orleans, which was a rousing success -- thousands and thousands of HR professionals descended and attended (and had a Hurricane or two after storming through the exhibit hall!).

The HR vendors that decided not to exhibit most likely attended the show. That's what we did; two HR Marketer representatives attended to schmooze and woo.


To get leads, of course.

But what about getting the sale at the show? Yes, it can be done, and we did it.


We put into practice 10 simple but effective trade show marketing and sales tips, which we found in an article written by Julia O'Connor, a trade show marketing expert. The article is entitled Trolling For Leads and appeared recently on's expofiles.

O'Connor begins with these two caveats:


Most trade shows are marketing events - as in "See my stuff" versus selling events - as in "Buy my stuff now". There are opportunities to close deals on the show floor and much of it has to do with preparation and attitude.


Attendees don't want to be sold, but they are willing to buy. Know your product but don't be pushy. God gave us two ears, two eyes and one mouth. Talk in proportion.

Read the rest of the article to learn more about selling at a show rather than just trolling for leads.

Preparation and attitude paid off for us!