Searching for Search Marketing Metrics

While "searching" online for search marketing metrics information the other day, we came across a great article by Gord Hotchkiss on entitled Flying Blind? Search Marketing Metrics.

Hotchkiss starts off his article by referencing Balanced Scorecard, a book on the new generation of performance metrics, Dr. Robert Kaplan and Dr. David Norton. In the book Dr. Robert Kaplan and Dr. David Norton present an analogy to drive home their case. They ask you to imagine entering an airline jet cockpit, and in front of the pilot, you see just one gauge.

You ask the pilot, "What's that gauge measure?"

"Altitude", you're told.

"What about the other gauges?"

"We won't be using them this flight. I'm just focusing on altitude."

"How about air speed?"

"No, that's the gauge I was using last flight. I wanted to try something different this one."


"Not this time"

"Fuel gauge?"


How apropos for a book about business performance metrics. Hotchkiss states that many businesses don't have a balanced set of measures to accurately monitor business performance, especially when it comes to search marketing. They only measure one metric at a time, and by the time they understand how one affects their bottom line, their bottom line has crashed and burned.

Search marketing refers to how potential customers find your business online, what they do once they're there (i.e., their brand experience), and what you do to convert them into a sale.

Search marketing metrics have moved beyond just where your website "ranks" in the search engines. Increasing your website conversion rates, building your brand awareness online, building relationships with your customers beyond the website, and aligning your search marketing metrics to your corporate and online marketing strategic objectives are what will help increase sales and improve your ROI.

Check out the article to learn more: Flying Blind? Search Marketing Metrics