Good News: Shaping Public Opinion for the Better

We all know how important public relations is to our marketing communications strategy. In fact, some would argue that it is the most important component of a marketing plan – more so today than it’s ever been.

And not just so we can tout the benefits of our products and services, or our earnings and growth, or the fact that we landed client X.

Who cares, right? Well, we do, of course.

But public relations is more than that. It can help our companies build the bridges that connect the fragmented markets we attempt to penetrate each day, markets that are representative microcosms of society at large. PR can (and does) shape public opinion for the better.

Sure, we could sit around and vent about negative spin and damage control, but we’ve read enough of that in the news recently.

Let’s talk about some good news for a change. When I heard my alma mater, San Jose State University, received the 2004 Best of Silver Anvil Award, I was quite proud. For those of you not familiar with the Best of Silver Anvil Awards, they are given by the Public Relations Society of America, the world's largest organization for public relations professionals.

Basically, it was a combined major undertaking to convince multiple, diverse audiences that the concept of combining the SJSU Library and the downtown main library of the City of San Jose Public Library system was in everyone's best interest.

And it worked – “the dedication ceremony/community celebration was attended by 21,000 residents of the City of San Jose; one million guests visited the new Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library in the first four months of operation - 45% more than the original goal.”

Some of you might ask: What does this have to do with growing my business?

My response is: If you have to ask that question, please reread every blog posting on this site.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in – whether you’re in the Human Capital space targeting HR executives, or a major metropolitan university opening a new library – when it comes to selling your wares, remember that you’re in the people business first.

So start spreading the good news.