The Power of Positive Buzz

Who’s buying your stuff and why? Are they satisfied customers? Are they telling their friends about your stuff?

If you can’t answer these questions then you’re in a lot of trouble.

In a recent Electronic Recruiting News article entitled Building a Niche Business, Human Capital marketing expert John Sumser highlighted the success of TaxTalent, a job board for tax professionals. It's an important article for HR service providers because it's about a company that survived the demise by focusing its new product development on its most important asset: its customers (see the article for details).

By listening to and serving its customers first, TaxTalent has created a powerful marketing momentum that has positioned them for unprecedented growth in their space. Their customers are buzzing and their sales are growing.

This underscores the importance of regular customer contact throughout the entire sales, implementation, account management, and new product development processes.

Be obsessed with your customers and your customers will evangelize you and your stuff.

There is no better marketing than the power of positive buzz.