Building Brand Awareness Through Tradeshows

So, you work for a cool company with cool people who make cool stuff -- and everybody knows it.

Everybody knows it because you and your marketing colleagues have created and promoted a powerful and timeless "brand awareness" that sets you apart from your competition.

Unfortunately, when it comes to exhibiting at tradeshows, there are some "uncool" people who think that company logos and posters printed the night before on a home inkjet printer and then pasted to a booth that looks like an old refrigerator box creates sufficient brand awareness.

Of course, you cool people know better, but if you'd like to read more about brand awareness at tradeshows, check out this great article by Susan Friedmann, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), The Tradeshow Coach, entitled Building Brand Awareness Through Tradeshows.

In her article, Susan talks about how exhibiting is a "powerful extension of your company’s advertising, promotion, public relations and sales function, that automatically means it is an excellent way to enhance brand awareness. Everything your company stands for, no matter how large or small, is being exhibited on the show floor. This means there needs to be total consistency, congruity, clarity and focus in every aspect of your exhibiting program, before, during and after the show."

This means every aspect -- from the way your booth looks to your booth etiquette to your follow-up after the show. Check out the article to learn more.